WELLINGTON – 2024 ATFO Whippersnapper Division


ATFO candidate in training with Nikki Lynne Marjarum.*

2022 Quarter Horse cross
Palomino colt (gelded)
14 hh estimated
FEE: TBD by trainer

*TRAININGThis horse is part of a special training event called the Appalachian Trainer Face Off. You can learn about it on the ATFO Facebook page or website. Horses in this training event are adoptable in August, following 100+ days of training.

Horses in the Whippersnapper Division are too young to start under saddle and will receive 110+ days of professional, in-hand training before competition and adoption! These young horses will require additional training.

But here’s the best part about the Whippersnappers: You can apply for and adopt NOW, with the understanding that the horse will stay with its trainer until the conclusion of the ATFO August event. The adoption fee is often set by the trainer and may increase with more training, so please contact us to find out the current fee.

Wellington may have started a little late in the ATFO competition, but he’s already learning a lot! When Wellington first arrived with his trainer, Nikki, he was an unhandled 2-year-old that had a strong inclination to flee any new situation. Within the first few days of spending time, building trust, and breaking down the steps, he was leading, grooming, and learning pressure and release.

Since then, Wellington has been making great improvements! He leads like a little champ. He loves being groomed and has been learning about fly spray, AND that people are actually pretty cool.

“I can proudly say Wellington is a completely different 2-year-old than when he arrived!” says Nikki. “He is significantly less reactive, processes and thinks through new situations, and is continuing to learn daily! This pony is smart!

“Recent accomplishments for him include cross tying, trailering, and wearing a surcingle! This little pony is going to do great things! He is coming out of his shell to be curious, snuggly, and a committed equine partner.

“If you are looking for a fantastic, flashy pony (he is currently 13.1 when we measured), please consider adopting Wellington!

Don’t wait too long and miss your chance to adopt this little fella! He’s only going to keep getting better and better. Follow his journey at #hopteamwellington.

Adoption Info:

Adoption fees may be outdated, as a horse may have moved into training, so check with us on most current fee. Horses adopted are typically up to date on vaccines, dental floats, farrier care and all vet needs.

Horses are typically located in the Appalachian area, but please inquire about a horse’s specific location when you apply!

We are looking to adopt to safe homes.

A history of good horsemanship, the ability to provide sufficient care with good vet, farrier and peer references are important. If you are a first-time horse owner, we will require you to board at a facility for the first year while you learn more about care. We encourage everyone to take advantage of riding lessons.

Foal adoptions require previous, established experience with youngsters.

Our adoption process makes sure you get the right horse for you – it is a no-fail process for finding the right match.

Apply at https://www.wvhorserescue.org/adopt

  • Height: 14 hh estimated
  • Registered: No
  • Age: 2
  • Date Foaled: 01/01/2022
  • Color: Palomino
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Is this a rescue?: Yes
  • Rescue's Name: Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC