8 Year Old Pasture Pet (with limited riding possibilities)


Miss Bella Luna “Blue” is officially available for adoption! Blue is an 8 year old, 16H Quarter Horse Cross, who would do best in a pasture pet scenario, but does have potential for some light riding – in an arena setting. She is NOT suitable as a trail riding horse because her high ringbone is not fully fused on both sides in her front right. The unstable footing of trails would be too hard on her. She is the absolute sweetest girl. She loves people and attention. She is a boss mare, but is not aggressive about it. She is currently barefoot, but would benefit from glue on shoes or boots. She is on one tablet of Firocoxib (Generic Equioxx), and CBD pellets once a day- she is VERY comfortable. She does need to continue working on picking up her feet for the farrier, but we have made GREAT progress. She is not spooky, and not much phases her- she is not a fan of all dogs, but if they leave her alone, she doesn’t care about them.

  • Height: 16
  • Weight: 1250
  • Registered: No
  • Age: 8
  • Date Foaled: 01/01/2016
  • Color: Gray
  • Discipline: Other
  • Gender: Mare
  • Is this a rescue?: Yes
  • Rescue's Name: North Winds Rescue
3857 W Jargo Road, Deerfield, WI 53531,53531,Wisconsin