Halter Horses for Sale

While virtually every breed can have entrants in the "Halter Class" at a Horse Show, each one may have different criteria for judging. Meticulous grooming, correct stance and the ability to walk and trot on command in a designated pattern or line are all common elements that judgment takes place on. If you are looking for Halter Horses for Sale that can score high in all these areas, then check out the Halter Horses for Sale in our Classified Ads.

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Private Bay Thoroughbred in West Campton, NH

Stunning Smirk

West Campton, NH

Private Palomino Icelandic in west Newbury, MA

Sweet as Honey

west Newbury, MA

Private White Quarter Horse in West Newbury, MA

Pretty Pretty Princess

West Newbury, MA

Private Chestnut Quarter Horse in West Campten, NH
Private Brown Donkey in West Newbury, MA

Zippy Zazu

West Newbury, MA

Private Brown Donkey in West Newburyport, MA

Mr. Memphis - a bonded pair

West Newburyport, MA

Private Chestnut Thoroughbred in West Newbury, MA

Beautiful Bergie (OTTB)

West Newbury, MA

Private Bay Thoroughbred in West Newbury, MA

Sir Feight

West Newbury, MA


Young APHA Gelding

West Linn, OR


Momma and Baby Horse

Los Alamos, NM

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