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There are a number of "gaited" breeds, including but not limited to, Saddlebred, Icelandic, Paso Fino, Rocky Mountain Horse and Tennessee Walker. These horses have a natural tendency to perform one of the smooth to ride, intermediate four-beat horse gaits known as an ambling gait. The "ambling gait" is hereditary in most gaited breeds. Interestingly enough, many gaited breeds can both trot and amble. If you are looking for a breed of horse for sale that will allow you to enjoy a truly smooth ride, then you will want to check out our classified ads regarding these very special horses.

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Private Roan Tennessee Walker in Hodges, SC
$14,500 Chestnut Morgan in Matheson, CO
$9,250 Chestnut Morgan in Matheson, CO
$1,500 Other Tennessee Walker in Medical Lake, WA
$6,500 Grey Paso Fino in Winslow, ME
$6,500 Bay Paso Fino in Kissimmee, FL
Private Palomino Paso Fino in Lake Ann, MI
$2,000 Pinto Tennessee Walker in Declo, ID

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