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While horses were used to carry man long before drawing him, there have been good Driving Horses for Sale for several millennia, and the best ones available today can be found in our Classified Ads. From Pleasure Driving to Fine Harness; Sulkies to Roadsters; Draft Horses to Carriage Driving and everything in between, our Classified Ads truly do to feature the best Driving Horses for Sale in America!

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$2,500 Roan Welsh Pony in Rindge, NH
$6,500 Black Friesian Cross in Alabaster, AL
$500 Chestnut Welsh Pony in Leesburg, VA
$1,980 Black Friesian in Kingfisher, OK
$1,980 Black Friesian in New York, NY
$1,980 Black Friesian in Englewood, CO
$1,980 Buckskin Quarter Horse in Shelbyville, IL
$1,980 Buckskin Quarter Horse in Dearborn, MI
$1,980 Roan Quarter Horse in Greensboro, NC
$1,980 Roan Quarter Horse in Englewood, CO
$1,980 Black Oldenburg in Charlotte, NC

Black Oldenburg Gelding

Charlotte, NC

$1,980 Buckskin Quarter Horse in Piedmont, SC

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