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When one considers how many thoroughbreds there are in our classified ads, say nothing about the world, it is hard to imagine that they can all trace their roots back to three foundation sires who had made their way from the Middle East to England in the 17th century —The Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Arabian and the Byerly Turk. Bred to produce racing stock with native racing mares that were undoubtedly Scottish Galloways, the purity of their efforts were kept first in the General Stud Book in England by James Weatherby, and later in the United States by Col. Sanders D. Bruce in the American Stud Book. The Thoroughbred horses for sale in our classified ads have a purity of heritage that few humans in America can lay claim to!

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$30,000 Bay Thoroughbred in North Brunswick, NJ

Mere Raja (Aladdin)

North Brunswick, NJ

$8,500 Grey Thoroughbred in Fort Lauderdale, FL
$15,000 Bay Thoroughbred in White Post, VA
$20,000 Bay Thoroughbred in Aiken, SC
$18,000 Chestnut Thoroughbred in West Chester, PA

WS All The While

West Chester, PA

$20,000 Bay Thoroughbred in Nottingham, PA
$4,750 Chestnut Belgian in Amherst, NH
$2,500 Bay Thoroughbred in Dayton, OH

Unraced Prospect

Dayton, OH

$7,500 Bay Holsteiner in Kent, CT

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