Percheron Horses for Sale

Thought to be in existence as long ago as the Ice Age, today's Percherons can be can be traced to 1823 and a horse named Jean Le Blanc. In WW I the Percheron was a favorite of the British Military, who "imported" 400 purebreds to train for use in the war. Their quick trot on paved roads, lack of feathering on the lower legs, which made them easy to care for in the mud, and calm temperament around guns made them an excellent choice for the war effort. An extremely large animal (typically 16.2 to 17.3 hands), the Percheron is still used extensively for draft work. From the Falkland Islands where they are crossed with Criollo horses to produce horses to work with cattle, to America, Great Britain and Australia where they are used to pull carriages and in drawing competitions, know that as you choose our classified ads to search for Percheron horses for sale know that you are seeking a truly "international" breed!

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