Appaloosa Horses for Sale

If you are looking for an Appaloosa in our classified ads, you may want to thank the Nez Perce. A tribe of Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, they are the only tribe that selectively bred their horses. The goal of this breeding was to produce a mount that was strong, fast, sure-footed and intelligent. Meriwether Lewis lauded their horses in his diary in 1806. When Chief Joseph surrendered in Montana in 1877 the Army confiscated most of the tribe's horses, and the breed found its line being extremely diluted. In 1938 a wheat farmer named Claude Thompson started the Appaloosa Horse Club, realizing the importance of preserving the breed. Today, through his efforts, the breed is now 650,000 strong in more than 40 countries. If you are looking to find Appaloos horses for sale in our classified ads you are helping to preserve an important part of Americana!

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