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How to Know What Type of Horse to Buy

Adopt a Free Horse Mare or gelding? Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse? Young or old? When it comes to finding your perfect equine, figuring out what type of horse to buy is a major decision. With thousands of horses for sale every day on, the world’s largest horse marketplace, you’ll want to decide what type of horse to buy before you start shopping. Use the guide below to help steer your search.

What Size Horse Should You Buy?

First-time horse buyers sometimes think that the smaller the horse, the better it will be for an inexperienced rider. This is not always the case. Instead, the horse’s breeding, disposition and training are much better indicators of whether it will be a good horse for a young or new rider. These factors should play a larger role in deciding what type of horse to buy than size.
For casual and recreational riding, the horse’s size really won’t make much of a difference at all. However, if you plan to jump the horse, what size horse to buy becomes a valid question. For show jumping, a shorter horse may not always be able to compete against its longer-legged rivals.
Overall, you should look for a horse that fits you. Make sure you feel comfortable when deciding what size horse to buy. When you’re on the horse, your legs should reach down below the middle of the horse’s abdomen – if they don’t, you may only be utilizing half of the horse’s barrel. However, make sure your legs don’t dangle too far down the horse’s barrel, as this could be uncomfortable.

What Breed of Horse Should You Buy?

The breed of horse you should buy largely depends on what you plan on doing with the horse. For example, many breeds are good trail horses, such as Tennessee Walking Horses and Quarter Horses.
Appaloosas, Paints, and Quarter Horses are generally known as good-natured and calm, making them good horses for most disciplines and some of the most popular choices for first-time buyers.
As the most popular horse in the U.S., an American Quarter Horse can be used in many disciplines, but is most commonly seen in AQHA sanctioned horse shows, horse racing, ranch work, and rodeo events. An experienced, well-trained Quarter Horse may be used for a beginner as well.
Before you decide what breed of horse to buy, read up on each of the breeds you’re interested in – as well as the various pros and cons of those breeds. That way, you can make an informed decision on what type of horse to buy.
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