Voice For Horses Rescue Network
Toledo, Ohio  
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Voice For Horses Rescue Network is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We have no paid staff, including our Board of Directors.

Mission-VFHRN is committed to relieving the causes of abuse and
neglect, while providing for the humane treatment of horses, who are sick, injured, abused, auction/slaughter bound or whose owner can no longer care for. We focus on helping any equine in need across the US VFHRN is committed to eliminating the causes of equine suffering through intervention, education and community awareness while promoting humane ethics.

All of the daily care, rehabilitation, re-training and re-homing is done by volunteers because we are passionate about the welfare of our horses, for the lifetime of each horse.

We partner with several County Departments, including Humane Societies, Animal Control, Probation Depts.. As well as Network with Equine Rescues across the 50 States

We accept abused, neglected, sick injured unwanted or abandoned horses from many different situations to give alternatives to horse owners, trainers, breeders (race tracks, auctions, private release) thus keeping the horses from ending up in the slaughter pipeline. Horses are accepted form any State for any reason.

Each horse is given a plan of care and then rehabilitated where needed and then placed into a loving home that is chosen for that horse from the applicants which best suit the horses needs and vice versa.

We partner with Several County Probation Dept. in need of placement for minor offenders or people who are ordered to do Community Service. These people become part of our volunteer staff but they receive training in proper care, feeding, and maintenance of horses and are shadowed by the volunteer cordinator.

2014 H.A.B.I.T (Horses Against Bullying Individually & Together)

Working with horses requires strong leadership skills which can
help youth increase their self---confidence
• Horses are incredible listeners who won’t talk back and are perfect companion to share all of your secrets with
• Horses mirror what we’re feeling inside, helping youth understand self reflection; allowing youth to understand their emotions and learn how to express them positively
•Targeted objectives in Equine Assisted Learning programs help learn important skills like leadership, teamwork and effective communication
• The horse gives participants what a person can’t.

Kids see bullying everyday

We share our success stories with photos from adopters of horses in their new homes and their stories of what they are doing with the horses currently.

We could not do what we do with out our Volunteers and love to share thier days at the rescue with photos so you can see what they are doing and how they make this possible.

Contact: Diana Murphy 419-350-4195