Equine Solutions
Commerce, Georgia  
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Equine Solutions Inc., is a grassroots nonprofit charity dedicated to assisting equine rescues. quine Solutions Inc. funds supports registered, 501(c)(3) organizations that specialize in retirement and rehabilitation services and offer a peaceful and permanent sanctuary for these beautiful animals. Shelters which offer carefully scrutinized adoption or re-placement services are also supported.

We will strive to educate the public on the fate of many of America's horses and ask for the support of the public. As a non-profit shop, Equine Solutions, Inc. goal is help raise funds for Equine & Animal Rescues by offering donated items and funds from public donations. Each time a purchase is made in the store, the amount of revenue available for donation increases, Equine Solutions will able to donate revenue to local charities and other non-profits who serve to rescue horses and animals.