Bertell Farms, NFP
Belvidere, Illinois  
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Providing shelter, care, rehabilitation, and love to abused and neglected horses

Provide care, health services, shelter and rehabilitation for all animals in our rescue. Animals waiting for adoption will be provided continual care, health services, shelter, and other care specific to their needs.

Company Overview
We love horses. All horses. We, the directors, owners, and the volunteers, ALL wholeheartedly agree that, although advancing age is irreversible, it is NOT a Condition, nor is it to be dealt with by humane euthanasia. We believe that senior horses deserve the respect they have earned. We believe they have as much worth as a highly trained show horse. We believe that we can learn a lot from the senior horse, if given the opportunity. Other rescues should be so lucky as us to be loved by a senior horse!

Hands & Hearts Helping Hooves
Contact: Lora Bertell 815-289-3768