Indiana Horse Rescue
Owensville, Indiana  
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(812) 729-7697
[email protected]
Indiana Horse Rescue is the Equine Division of Animal Protection Coalition, Inc. a 501 (c)3 non profit organization dedicated to animal welfare! Indiana Horse Rescue is to date Indiana's largest equine rescue operation. We currently have several facilities that house and care for horses in need 24/7. We pride ourselves in providing quality care to those horses that are in search of a new permanent home. Indiana Horse Rescue frequently works with Animal Control and Law Enforcement officers on abuse and neglect cases where equine are in need of being impounded, rehabilitated, and re homed. We also accept horses from individuals that can no longer provide a home for their horse. Indiana Horse Rescue is an ALL breed horse rescue, we have no limits to the age, breed, gender, etc. of horses needing to come in. Indiana Horse Rescue is not state funded, we survive on the generosity of individual donors and fundraising efforts. Please decide to help the horses and donate today!

Mission Statement:
To provide a caring, positive environment for those horses that have either been neglected, abused, abandoned, and/or are at risk of going to slaughter. We will place these horses in an environment that benefits both the horse and the adoptive family.

We ask that people interested in adopting fill out our adoption application (, submit 2 personal references, a veterinary reference, photos of the facility where the horse will be kept, and a $25.00 Application/Membership Fee.

As far as requirements for housing and fence, we are not fond of barbed wire, but any other fencing is find as long as it will keep in the horse. Shelter is needed to protect the horse from the elements, whether that is a three sided shelter or a natural landscape. Adopters must demonstrate horsemanship skills, we want to make sure that the adopter can handle the horse before they take it home.

A complete list and description of our policies can be found here: