Iron Gait Percherons
Waleska, Georgia  
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April 18th 2011 to present date -
140 horses helped by IGP.
*38 horses helped so far since January 2013
88 Horses adopted into loving new homes
*34 Horses placed into good homes since January 2013
Thank you everyone for your continued support IGP can not do this with out you.
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We currently have 23 Sanctuary Horses due to medical or Emotional issues.

Iron Gait Percherons, Inc. (IGP) of Waleska, Georgia, is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. Specifically, IGP rescues Percheron and other draft breed horses from abuse, neglect, abandonment, slaughter, or victims of the current economy, refurbishes all of their medical, nutritional, and emotional needs, retrains them for new careers, and provides a thorough screening process to find them safe, loving forever homes. IGP also seeks to increase beneficial human and equine relationships through animal/human interaction and education.

Although IGP’s primary mission is focused on the Percheron draft horse breed, we never turn away any other horse in need of our help, and take in horses and ponies from all over the country. In the first year and a half of operation, IGP was able to rescue a total of 94 needing horses and adopted out 56 of these wonderful horses into forever loving homes. IGP provided these horses/ponies with the veterinary needs, feed, and care they needed, but we also provide them with the love, compassion, attention, and humane interaction some of them had never known.

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Contact: Denise Polydor 7707692598