Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue
Loxahatchee, Florida  
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(561) 951-2108
[email protected]
Pure Thoughts Inc. is a national, all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is dedicated to saving the lives of horses that are victims of starvation, neglect, abuse or bound for slaughter for human consumption. In 2009, Pure Thoughts expanded to include a Thoroughbred Rehabilitation & Placement helping Thoroughbreds whose career has ended through rehabilitation, retraining and proper placement in a forever home. As of August 2011, this program has become international. Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue is one of the largest horse rescues in the USA taking in over 1,800 horses since its inception in December of 2002.

We are PROUD to be the FIRST rescue to place an adoption through the "A Home For Every Horse" initiative!

We are ALWAYS in need of volunteers to groom, ride, show, fundraise, etc!

Contact: Brad Gaver 561-951-2108