Full Circle Equine Rehabilitaton Center
Colbert, Washington  
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Our Mission Statement

Full Circle will provide a place where the healing power of horses can touch, uplift and enrich the community. Our organization will promote philanthropy and good citizenship while facilitating equine rescue.

What is Full Circle?
Full Circle is a program designed to provide quality care and rehabilitation for horses in need while preparing them for placement in suitable homes.
Full Circle is a program designed to allow anyone with an interest in learning and a desire to help, an opportunity to participate in the care and handling of these amazing and deserving animals.

Who will benefit from Full Circle? Why did Full Circle come to be?

Full Circle is here because of a desire to help ensure that horses keep their much deserved and even necessary place in our society. Full Circle will build the awareness of one being’s ability to effect the life of another . By giving others the opportunity to see that one person can effect change by the choices they make, Full Circle will change lives, one horse and one person at a time. A lifelong passion for horses and the desire to share the lessons learned is the driving force behind this organization. The benefits to be gained while providing these amazing animals the love and care they deserve is immeasurable.
Full Circle is here because there are horses in need of help and they are dependent on people who are willing to help them in order to survive.
Full Circle is here because there are people who need to receive the gift of healing that helping these horses will bring into their lives.
Contact: Cris Pemberton 5092382643