White Rock Ranch Horse Rescue and Retirement, Inc
Yucca Valley, California  
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Horses rescued by White Rock Horse Rescue come from many different places and arrive in varied states of physical and psychological deprivation. Health issues ranging from starvation to poorly maintained hooves could make the first order of business visits with a veterinarian and a farrier.

In addition to rescued horses, others are donated by owners who - for one reason or another - are no longer able to keep their animals. Regardless of the circumstances that bring them to the ranch, horses are placed into one of two groups. Healthy ones that can be rehabilitated and let out to new custodians - and older horses that are given safe haven at a special location called the Villa - allowing them to spend their remaining days in peaceful retirement. The Villa is also used as a rehab center for horses needing temporary isolation from the active herd.

But - with all the good comes the sad. A raw fact of life at White Rock Horse Rescue is that in spite of all of its humane efforts, White Rock Horse Rescue occasionally experiences the passing of one of its charges. It’s the unfortunate part of our job.