Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Inc
Grove City, Ohio  
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(740) 420-2984
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Ohio SPCA Goals:

-To extend to present and future generations humane education, which will lead to an awareness of the need for people to be responsible and kind stewards over animals.

-To intercede on behalf of animals and bring about change to situations and practices in which cruelty, neglect, or unnecessary suffering exists.

Those of us involved in Ohio SPCA believe that many people are unaware of inhumane practices and the suffering that many animals are forced to endure.

No one likes to talk about pain, suffering, and death, but change can’t take place unless the facts are presented to the public. Adults and children must be educated about problems such as pet overpopulation, factory farming, and animal experimentation.

Once they know and understand what has been hidden from them, a percentage of these people will at least speak out against the inhumanity or actively decide to help.
Contact: Ohio SPCA 740-420-2984