Lost Creek Ranch
Beldenville, Wisconsin  
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Lost Creek Ranch is a unique horse rescue located in Western Wisconsin, ensuring that no heart or soul, human or equine, fall through the cracks. It rescues unwanted horses, creates confident riders, and provides educational opportunities.

Lost Creek Ranch Camp Confidence earned its 501(c)3 non profit status in 2009 and we are proud to be a widely respected horse rescue that takes in horses of all ages and physical conditions, gets them the proper vet care, nutrition and the farrier work they need then once they are healthy trains them for a job they will love at the ranch- their new forever home. Our herd is kept fit and healthy by being ridden and worked with in our many programs from lessons to camps- even our oldest seniors love to work with the littlest riders or timid beginners. The younger horses get a new start in life with training and our UWRF interns learn new skills and develop the patience required to be effective with horses.

It all comes full circle here at Lost Creek Ranch!

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Lessons: Lynette Weldon specializes in creating strong, confident riders and respectful, willing horses. Lost Creek Ranch was founded on her strong belief that the horses needs come first- that horses are not tools. Her number one priority in training is communication between horse and rider. When your horse is in training with Lynette so are you. Weekly lessons for the rider/ owner are always included. Lynette's training results in a soft, responsive horse and creates a willing partner building the horse and riders self confidence.
Young horses just beginning their training will get a solid foundation. Older horses who may be having problems will be worked with to reveal and repair holes in their foundation. Once these holes are identified and fixed you and your horse will be able to advance in your learning.

Training: Lynette's western horses are trained in reining, Western Dressage, Ranch Pleasure and working ranch style which results in a forward, light, willing horse who is sound in the mind and body. Young horses are started on listening to the lightest cues, responding to the riders seat and beginning to understand what it means to ride with feel. Horses that already have a good foundation will be advanced in their training to include spins, stops, roll backs and flying lead changes. Your horse will increase in athletic ability and confidence and will enjoy training. Lynette's training horses are often seen watching her over the fence (not so) patiently waiting for "their turn." When Lynette trains a horse for advanced English style riding the result is the same: a light, athletic horse who accepts and understands riding with contact and seeks the bit.

The laziest horse will perk up, the flighty horse will be learn to focus, the high strung horse will relax and wait for his rider and most importantly the rider will learn to be effective with their horse and be confident to handle any situation.

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