Double R Horse Rescue
Riverdale, Nebraska  
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308 233 1010
[email protected]
Double R Horse Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit organization that believes every horse deserves a second chance at life. We are dedicated in rescuing all equine that has been abused, neglected, abandoned or unwanted with the ultimate goal of finding them a caring and safe home. We strive to rehabilitate and retrain each horse in the hopes that we can better match them up with owners who will understand their needs. If for some reason a horse is unable to be adopted out then they will have a forever home with the Double R. Not only will we provide these horses with the veterinary needs, feed and care they need, but we will also strive to show them the love, attention and compassion some of them so badly need or have never known. Double R Horse Rescue is funded through individual donations, grants, and corporate sponsorships