Dog4u, Inc
Camden, South Carolina  
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Our Mission

To provide shelter and sanctuary for unwanted and abandoned animals, and to aid in the prevention of cruelty to animals and to promote humane treatment.
About Dog4u, Inc.

Dog4U, Inc. started as a private rescue in 2003 in South Carolina. We became incorporated in 2005, and received our 501(c)3 tax deductible non-profit status in 2009. Our goal is to save as many animals as possible with a no kill policy. Space permitting, we take in dogs from local shelters, which due to the overwhelming number of animals, have no choice but to euthanize healthy puppies and adoptable, friendly, healthy adults. We accept stray dogs and a limited number of cats as space allows. We also have under our care several abandoned horses and cows that came to us severely neglected. By taking care of and placing unwanted and, in some cases, stray animals, we aim to serve our community as well as the animals.

All donations go directly and exclusively towards the needs of the animals. Dog4U, Inc. runs on a volunteer and family basis. We rely heavily on foster homes.

Dog4U, Inc. is working on procuring funding to enlarge our quarantine area and to add training facilities and more indoor housing. Many of the dogs and puppies come to us needing months of isolation, treatment, and training before they are ready for adoption.

We currently work with No-Kill Shelters primarily in the New England area, that are not over-burdened and adoption percentages of the animals are very high. We adopt locally, although the majority of our dogs are adopted through our transport program which takes these dogs 1100 miles to New England. We take our dogs to no-kill facilities in Massachusetts, and occasionally to New York and Vermont. There is a high demand for animals in the New England Area, waiting lists for puppies are months long year round.