Buckland Equine Rescue
Carlisle, Kentucky  
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Since 2007, Buckland Equine Rescue, Inc., or BERI, as we call it, has followed an unwavering mission: rescue, rehabilitate, retrain and rehome as many viable equines as possible. Inthe past 6 years, we have taken in 108 horses who otherwise would be left to the horrors of abuse, neglect, slaughter or starvation.

Our organization is all volunteer, there are NO paid positions within the Rescue's staff. As a result, our resources go much farther then with many other charities, and after all, isn't that what folks like to see when they make a donation to an organization? Unlike some of the huge charities that see only 1% of donations make it to the 'boots-on-the-ground', BERI sees an astonishing 95+% of all donations go directly into the care and feeding of our horses.

The Buckland Farm, our site in Nicholas County, KY, is always looking for volunteers to help with every aspect of equine care and handling. Those who volunteer find the joys of equine friendship life altering. Please call for an appointment to view horses for adoption, volunteer orientation, or just to visit and 'love on' our wonderful horses. They love the attention.

We work with Kentucky Drug Court and Kentucky Temporary Assistance Program (KTAP) as a member of the community to help elevate quality of life.

Please help us in our mission. We struggle to make ends meet, utilizing all of our resources to the fullest. Donations are tax deductable and you may help via pay pal, check, or donations of items to help our horses. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.
Contact: Chris and Buffy Takacs 859-473-3100