Assisting Service-Horses to live out their lives with dignity
Burlington, Kentucky  
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812-655-9680 or 859-466-3945
[email protected]
Often a horse or pony reaches the end of its active working life and, for whatever reason can no longer be ridden or otherwise employed; it can be a difficult decision about what to do with the horse. Retired horses are all too often thought of as disposable. Caring for a senior horse can be costly, both financially and emotionally. We encourage and assist owners of retired performance horses to be responsible with their horses once their careers are over. Assistance varies on a case by case basis. Please contact us directly with your specific need and we will attempt to arrange assistance as needed. (feed, Veterinarian, farrier, bedding, etc.)
How can you help?
We accept donations! As a horse lover you can donate time, money, feed, veterinary care, bedding etc. iF you would like to help please contact us for more information.
You can ADOPT a retired service horse. Please contact us for additional information, contact, or any of the other adoption agencies.