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Lodi, California  
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FRR is a non-profit 501c3 in N. CA providing rescue, medical rehab, and sanctuary for horses who have hoof and leg issues or with chronic medical illnesses. We Strive to offer horses who were bound for slaughter or in the position to be neglected or abused a safe and loving home for the rest of their life, with respect given to improving the quality of each day. We are sometimes able to offer for adoption those who are younger and rehabbed, those who were foals rescued with the dam, or foals born here to rescued older pregnant mares. The youngsters are mostly of riding age before adoption, and we strive to have foundation training complete to ensure the horse has the tools to be a good equine citizen during his/her life after we send them on to their new home.
We have an adoption agreement, and all horses will be priced at fair market price based on our training costs. We do our best to make sure the fit is right for the horse as well as the rider, so it is a lasting match.
As we have limited space to accept animals and the current demand is high, FRR is developing a new community program to allow us to share our techniques for rehabbing horses, using Diagnosis, Diet, Trim, and Exercise. We will offer more information soon, but look forward to monthly clinics with our skilled farrier giving trims and Epona Shoeing at our ranch at a significantly lower cost than at your ranch, and having a consultation nod diagnostics, diet, and exercise while you are here!
Contact: Beth Kennalley 510-219-3717