Horses at Heart
Bellingham, Washington  
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360.393.9951 or 360.941.3250
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Horses At Heart will acquire horses either by owner surrender or slaughter bound horses purchased at local auctions. In the future, we plan to work with local law enforcement agencies and, once the animals are seized, provide necessary rehabilitation services to these animals. Upon a horses’ arrival to our facility, they will be quarantined, a complete veterinarian exam will be conducted, the horse will be evaluated and necessary rehabilitation services will be provided include proper nutrition, a peaceful positive environment, veterinarian and farrier care, and training. In some cases, horses will go to foster homes for their rehabilitation. These homes will be carefully screened prior to any horse being placed there.

Horses At Heart will provide necessary feed, veterinarian and farrier care while each horse is in the foster home. The foster homes’ responsibilities include only the rehabilitation of the horses; they do not participate in the adoption process. The horses will be put up for adoption as soon as they are sound, healthy and ready to go to a new home.

ps270460Once a horse is ready to be adopted, an extensive application and a background check, including an initial site visit where the horse will be housed, will be completed. Successful adopters will execute a contract stating they will provide proper nutrition, veterinarian and farrier care, and appropriate surroundings for their horse(s) as well as abide by all other clauses contained in the contract. The contract includes a clause that states the horse may not be used for breeding purposes, and if information is received (such as a mare is in foal or has a foal at its side), the horse and its foal are to be immediately surrendered to Horses At Heart without any compensation due to the adopter.

The contract also contains a clause that states no adopter may sell their adopted horse without prior written approval from Horses At Heart. The same process will be conducted to assure the horse will be cared for following the same guidelines as the original adopter. Subsequent follow-up site visits will be performed by Horses At Heart at designated intervals throughout the horses’ life. If an adopter finds they are unable to care for the animal, it will be returned to Horses At Heart and another home will be found.

The Rescue Program will be funded by adoption donations, grants, sponsorships and other donations from our supporters.