Bit O’ Luck Equine Rescue
Huntersville, North Carolina  
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Since July 2009 Bit O’ Luck Equine Rescue has taken in horses with
severe health issues. The economy has created a problem with owners incapable of giving their animals the necessary nutrition to maintain a healthy weight. These horses are assessed as to what their rehab will entail, then given appropriate veterinary care (medical, hoof, dental care,etc.) Neglected horses may have trust and psychological issues which would require additional training. The horses level of training is evaluated and when health permits, a training program is initiated to make the horse more adoptable. No two horses are alike. We, at Bit O’Luck, realize that no two rehabs will be alike. In addition, some horses will not be capable of adoption, therefore, long-term care by Bit O’ Luck Equine Rescue would be necessary.

Bit O’ Luck Equine Rescue’s support comes entirely from donations. The largest expenses are feed, veterinary care and farrier services for the rescued horses. Bit O’ Luck works with two veterinarians and a farrier willing to provide discounted services. None of these service providers are related in any other way to the organization or its officers or board members. Facilities for Bit O’ Luck Equine Rescue are donated by individual landowners interested in assisting and preventing equine animal cruelty.

Economic hardships can be extremely devastating on horses and we have seen an increased need in the Carolinas for more horse rescue efforts to which Bit O’ Luck Equine Rescue seeks to help fill. If an individual horse owner can physically care for the horse but can no longer afford to financially care for them we will provide feed and veterinary health care. If they cannot physically or financially continue to care for their horse but they can provide the facility Bit O’ Luck will provide feed, health care and a volunteer to care for the horse(s) at their facility. Finally, if none of the aforementioned options are available we will arrange to have the horse transferred to our facility to enter our rehab program. Bit O’ Luck Equine Rescue has also assisted other equine rescue organizations within the Carolinas to place animals with adoptive homes and will continue to do so.

Bit O’ Luck Equine Rescue’s long term plan is to include equine therapy as a way to help fill a need in the Charlotte Mecklenburg area. Those horses found to have the appropriate attitude and temperament will be utilized as therapy animals assisting therapists working with individuals under their care. Patients with autism and substance abuse issues are very responsive to equine therapy.

Primary care for the horses is provided through volunteer labor from individuals interested in helping to further the mission of Bit O’ Luck Equine Rescue. By providing immediate health rehab care to unwanted horses, eventually finding them homes or providing long-term care (retirement), Bit O’ Luck Equine Rescue is clearly engaged in the prevention of cruelty to animals and is organized to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

Bit O’ Luck Equine Rescue follows care guidelines for equine rescue and retirement facilities provided by the American Association of Equine Practitioners.
Contact: Greg McCormack 704-609-9222