New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program
Marysville, Ohio  
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(937) 642-3171
[email protected]
New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program was founded in 1992 to offer retiring racehorses a safe-haven, rehabilitation, and continued education through placement in experienced, caring homes. Most of the horses arriving at New Vocations are injured and thin, suffering the normal occupational hazards of racing. Without a useful skill to offer their previous option was often a one-way ticket to the local livestock auction. New Vocations provides a safety net for these horses matching them with qualified individuals and following up on their rehabilitation and vocational training to ensure a successful transition.

Over 3,700 retiring Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds have been placed in qualified homes through the New Vocations effort since 1992, including 423 ex-racehorses that were placed in 2011. These horses have come from 18 states and been adopted by families throughout the country.

New Vocations has 2 scenic Ohio locations in Dayton and Marysville. Other locations include: Lexington, Kentucky; Manchester, Michigan; Hummelstown, Pennsylvania; and Monterey, Tennessee.