Never-E-Nuff Acres Horse Rescue and Sanctuary
Waxahachie, Texas  
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As with many rescue organizations, Never-E-Nuff Acres came into existence out of necessity. As a horse-owner myself, I adopted a PMU foal, Rohan, in February of 2004; my first horse “rescue”. After that, I always seemed to be finding one animal in need after another, I continually seemed to be finding and taking in “strays”, both equine and various other domestic pets. My 93 year old Grandma Pearl once said that she thinks the animals find me, because they know I’ll take care of them. And I do. But the problem was, as only one person, I had limited funds and resources. I knew I was going to need help. The old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child”, came to mind. So, armed with the support, both emotional and financial, of my family and friends, I set out to start a small rescue organization the first part of 2005.

Enter Chief and Johnny (aka Shadow). These two old horses couldn’t wait until all the “legal stuff” was ironed out. It was mid-May 2005 and they were standing in a dry lot down in Marble Falls, TX, about three hours away. They were emaciated and their “owner” was moving out of state in a couple days. Rheta Grove, a long-time friend, fellow Board Member and Rescue Volunteer, made the long trip with me to bring these two old guys to the rescue. It was a difficult trip for them and we weren’t even sure they’d survive that first night, but we felt satisfied that even if they did pass away, at least their last few hours would be happier ones and they would have full bellies.

Well, they were made of tougher stuff than we could have ever imagined. Not only did they survive, they thrived! In just a few short months, they regained their health. Sadly, Chief passed away of old age July 28, 2007. Shadow is still with us to this day!

Unfortunately, the work of a rescue is never done. There is always another animal in need of help. Some days it seems like we just aren’t making a difference, but when I look into the eyes of a rescued horse like Shadow, I know we’ve made a difference to him!

No, we can’t “change the world”, but we can change the world of a horse, his world. Won’t you join us? Help us make that difference by volunteering your time, becoming a foster or adoptive home, or making a monetary donation. We can’t do it alone. You are the key to our success!