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Chichester, New Hampshire  
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Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. was formed in 1996, and incorporated as a 501c3 charitable nonprofit foundation in 2002. Starting with just four horses, the farm has expanded to over 60 horses along with many other species of animals. The facilities has grown to three barns, an indoor rehabilitation center (The Complete Body Rehabilitation Center), four round pens, a series of corrals with run-in shelters and an outdoor riding ring.

The Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. provides a safe environment for animals and people to interact. Through a network of volunteers (which forms a huge family of our own ''with a remarkable sense of kinship"), along with co-owner and sponsorship programs, people learn humane education and horsemanship while caring for and rehabilitating horses.

We work with school districts (such as Chichester and Epsom), nonviolent prison rehabilitation programs, youth groups and other programs (such as the "Eagala" program) to implement programs that will give people an opportunity to work with horses that they wouldn't normally have. The benefits of building relationships with horses and people include physical, emotional and mental aspects that have been well documented and can lead both animals and people to having more productive lives.

Our Mission
Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. is an animal shelter that rescues abused and unwanted animals, mainly horses, and provides them either a temporary or permanent safe place to interact with people. We strive to rehabilitate and or retrain animals, leading to increased confidence and self-esteem, and relationships that benefit both animals and people.

When applicable, we will try to find appropriate homes for rehabilitated animals. Those animals that are considered un-adoptable will be given lifetime care at our farm.

Our Objectives & Goals
Live and Let Live Farm's Objectives are

To rescue abused and unwanted animals, mainly horses, rehabilitate and/or retrain them
To offer either a temporary or permanent haven for abused animals, mainly horses
To find appropriate homes for rehabilitated animals, mainly horses
To provide lifetime care for animals, mainly horses, that are considered un-adoptable
To introduce people and horses to each other in a safe environment
To foster relationships between people and horses
There is a need in New Hampshire to provide a safe environment for abused and abandoned animals to be rehabilitated, especially horses. Most animal shelters do not take large animals, nor do they rehabilitate or retrain animals, they just find homes for them. Many animals are being euthanized and not being given a chance. Not a week goes by that we don't get calls about animals needing homes.

Also, there is a need to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where people, both adults and children, can interact with horses. Relationships between children and or adults and horses teach responsibility, develop self-confidence and build self-esteem - for both the animal and the human.