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SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary provides a second chance to horses at risk of shipment to slaughter, abuse or neglect. Through exceptional care, responsible horsemanship, and training we provide these horses with a chance of a new home. Those that are unable to be adopted, due to behavioral issues, or physical problems are provided sanctuary for the remainder of their natural lives.It is our goal to continue setting high standards of care, and to provide each of our charges with the best possible life.

We are a New York 501(c)(3) rescue that specializes in horses at risk of shipment to slaughter. We have between 20 and 25 residents at any given time. We chose to make a difference in the lives of these majestic animals. They ask for nothing more than food, shelter, water, love and compassion. While their needs may be simple, ours are not. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and funds to keep a rescue of this size going. We are a public charity, and that means we depend on donations and grants to fund our life saving work.Sadly, some believe that a rescue should be able to afford to care for their horses on their own. While it is true that a rescue must be well managed to assure no animal is left wanting, it is with public support that this can happen. We depend on you, the public, to make donations.

We want all our donors to feel confident and pleased with their choice to help us. We provide documentation to all our donors, as well as pictures and info of the horses provided for. Our door is open to anyone that wishes to learn about the work we do here. We are more than happy to answer any questions, and meet donors in person. All donations made to us are tax deductible, because we are a 501(c)(3) not for profit that is recognized by the IRS and New York State.

Donations can be made via check by mail, or by going to our website and using the PayPal buttons on this site. We appreciate your visiting and reading about the life saving work we do here at SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary.
Contact: Beth Hyman 845 361 2316