Standardbred Retirement Foundation
Cream Ridge, New Jersey  
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The Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) is a non-profit, tax exempt organization created to care for, rehabilitate and secure lifetime adoption of non-competitive racehorses, to ensure their proper care with follow up, and combine the needs of youth at risk with these horses in therapeutic equine programs to benefit both.

The SRF was founded and created in 1989 by Mrs. Judith Bokman, wife of a prominent Equine Practitioner in New Jersey, Dr. Stephen Bokman DVM. When she realized what was happening to the Standardbreds that could no longer be competitive as racehorses, she contacted Mrs. Paula Campbell, wife of Hall of Fame Standardbred Driver John Campbell, who joined Mrs. Bokman in the development of the SRF. Later in the development process, the Youth Programs were incorporated into the SRF. It was granted exemption from Federal Income Tax status as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit Foundation in 1991.

Although horseracing is a multi-billion dollar industry, the Standardbred racing industry has made no provisions to support these grand horses when their racing careers came to an end. Some horses end their careers at a young age due to injuries or lack of racing ability, but with the rest and rehabilitation provided by SRF, these lovely animals become wonderful riding, driving, eventing, trail horses, and participate in all disciplines of riding and driving. However, some retire from racing and are not healthy enough to be transitioned to a new career. As a result, the SRF steps in to provide the rescue services necessary to ensure that these noble horses are retired with the dignity and care they deserve with the intent of finding them permanent homes; many are never adopted due to physical condition or age and remain under the SRF’s care at various boarding facilities.