Dreamchaser Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation
New River, Arizona  
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Dreamchaser Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Form 990) dedicated to rescuing horses at risk of slaughter from feedlots, abuse, and abandonment, as well as other animals and placing them with qualified families. Dreamchaser is an Accredited American Sanctuary and United Way Charity.

Our Mission Statement

Dreamchaser Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation, a 501(C)(3)non profit organization, works to rescue and rehabilitate horses and other farm animals from abuse, starvation, abandonment, and slaughter. Our goal is to educate the general public including children, teens, and those who are under privileged and at-risk, through our hands on learning center. Volunteers and participants will learn and experience the value of caring and maintaining horses and other animals at our rescue.
Our Vision

Our vision is to rescue neglected horses and provide the care and training needed to allow for a successful adoption to their forever homes, to provide a hands on program for at-risk and special needs children using rehabilitated horses, and to create hands on public educational programs on the proper care and handling of horses.
Strategic Direction

Our strategic direction is to align the organization financially to provide optimal care for our horses by exercising fiscal responsibility with every donated dollar. Our goal is to gain efficiencies by managing expenses and optimizing resources, including volunteers, individual sponsorship, and community involvement.
Contact: Susan Thompson 6239106530