Saddlebred Horse for Sale

Few horses are as well founded in American History as the Saddlebred. Mentioned in official government correspondence in 1776, it was a Saddlebred that carried Paul Revere on his midnight ride. It's storied history continued during the Civil War, as notable generals had Saddlebred mounts: Lee-Traveller; Grant-Cincinnati; Sherman - Lexington; Stonewall Jackson - Little Sorrel. Developed by plantation owners in Kentucky, the Saddlebred became known as "the peacock of the horse show world." High stepping with exaggerated action, Saddlebreds can actually be five-gaited-walk, trot, canter, slow-gait and rack. Several of the breed became popular in Hollywood, including "Mr. Ed," "Flicka," and a host of horses in Gone with the Wind! If you are looking for an all American horse for sale, you can't beat the Saddlebreds that you will find in our classified ads!

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