• Horse Name: B.B.
  • Price: $800
  • Location: West Townshend, VT
  • Breed: Standardbred
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Color: Bay
  • Foal Date:


Like so many Standardbreds B.B. had a racing career then went on to become an Amish buggy horse. We found him in rough shape standing in a killpen in November after a buggy accident in which he had been impaled in the back leg by one of the shafts. This poor horse was thrown away to be slaughtered, standing in pain in need of medical care. We rescued him, brought him to GER and got him the medical attention that he needed to make a full recovery! He went to a foster for the month of January and was on his way back to GER to meet his new adoptive family! On the way back he fell in route and got his hoof stuck in a small gap under the trailer’s back door. He managed to free himself but cracked his hoof in half in the process. We immediately rushed him to the Myhre Clinic where he underwent surgery to wire his hoof back together. He spent two weeks in the hospital followed by many months of stall rest and small turnout. His hoof has finally grown back, and he is pasture sound now. This poor horse has been through A LOT but through it all he has managed to keep his gentle, kind demeanor. It is finally time for us to find him a home of his own. Right now he is pasture sound and will make someone, who has patience to build him up physically, a great trail horse. In time will be ridable and drivable!

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