Gentle Pasture Pal

  • Horse Name: Bubbles
  • Price: $500
  • Location: Woodstock, IL
  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Color: Bay
  • Foal Date:
  • Disciplines:
    • Companion Only (Trained)


Bubbles is a very sweet and gentle bay Quarter Horse gelding that used to be a therapy horse. Despite missing an eye, Bubbles is very trusting and is great to handle and work with. He is super gentle and gets along well with other horses. He would make an excellent pasture pal!

If you are interested in giving this deserving horse a loving home please visit our website and fill out the online application.

Hooved Animal Humane Society

10804 McConnell Rd

Woodstock, IL 60098



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