Apache*POA Gelding, 13.2hh, 12-13 years old, Confident Advanced Beginner, neck reins

Apache*POA Gelding, 13.2hh, 12-13 years old, Confident Advanced Beginner, neck reins,

  • Horse Name: Apache
  • Price: $1,850
  • Location: Liberty, NC
  • Breed: POA, Ponies
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Height: 13.3 Hands
  • Color: Black
  • Foal Date:
  • Weight: 800 lbs
  • Disciplines:
    • All Around
    • Trail Horse
    • Western Riding
    • Youth/4-H Horse
  • Temperament: 3 (1=Bombproof, 10=Hot)


Apache*POA Gelding, 13.2hh, 12-13 years old, Confident Advanced Beginner, neck reins. "Tag#404 Badger", a Pony of the America's ... In a killpen in Asheboro NC, posted by facebook group for bail. The little guy was greenbroke, scared to death, hard to catch for evaluation, he bit, kicked, charged his would be rescuers, not knowing they trying to help him. He was bullied by the larger horses in the killpen, pushed away from hay & water, but he was tenacious, with a strong will to survive. By the time he found a loving home willing to take on his issues, he was hairless with rainrot, emaciated, beat, bruised, sunburned, and in horrible shape. The first day I saw him, I wondered how in the world he would survive. We were there to pick him up & take him into quarantine for his new owner. He looked so bad I was afraid to call her. But call we did, and followed up with pictures, they got him loaded, and taken to the farm. He was a stinker, nothing could keep him down. She promptly renamed him Apache, in honor of their renowned strength, endurance & warrior spirits. Once he was at home, Lori had to not only heal him, and feed him up, she had to gain his trust. Nothing had convinced him that people were much worth trusting at that point, and it was understandable. She poured love into that boy like grain, and slowly but surely he gained, weight, hair, trust. Little by little she brought him back from the brink, the physical came back more quickly than his regard for people, but in a testament to the forgiving nature of these amazing creatures, he slowly started to trust her, first that she would feed him, then that she would take care of him, and finally that she would keep him safe. He has paid back that trust and effort ten fold.He runs to meet her, will stand guard over her, and is more than willing to please. He is her boy, this spring she got him going under saddle, he rides beautifully now, tho still a little difficult to catch, and needs work with handling his feet. He is currently in training with her natural horsemanship trainer, Breanna, for some polishing. For someone willing to make an effort and gain his trust, he will make a wonderful partner. Trail/Playday/Jr Rodeo Prospect. Comes UTD Coggins, Vaccines, Microchipped. Adoption fee $1850.00 negotiable to the right home. Adoption application, references, and contract required.


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