Eye Catcher and FAST

Star is a Grad Filly. She will be 2 in July 2019

  • Horse Name: Shining Star
  • Price: $700
  • Location: Alden, IA
  • Breed: Paint (Tobiano), Pinto
  • Gender: Mare
  • Height: 14.2 Hands
  • Color: Bay
  • Foal Date:
  • Markings: Star, Blaze, 4 white stalkings, white and black tail
  • Weight: 700 lbs
  • Disciplines:
    • All Around
  • Temperament: 4 (1=Bombproof, 10=Hot)


Star is a super sweet filly. We intended on keeping her but we just have too many rescue horses. She deseves a home where she can be handled daily. She is going to be one heck of a fast horse. She is the fastest on the Ranch.

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