Adoption Pending. Dreamer has done a lot including lessons and trails.

Dreamer is a beautiful, black, Morgan that has done lessons and trail rides. She can still be ridden but needs an easier schedule.

  • Horse Name: Dreamer
  • Location: Cologne, MN
  • Breed: Morgan
  • Gender: Mare
  • Color: Black
  • Foal Date:
  • Disciplines:
    • Lesson Horse


This Dreamer is a 2001, 13.3hh, Black, Morgan Mare. Dreamer is truly a dream! She has done so much and isn’t through yet. Dreamer is both Western and English trained. Dreamer needs a bit, and a snaffle works best for her regardless of discipline. She has been a trail horse, both on her stable’s property and off. At Carver Park, she learned to ignore bikes but will stop and stare at a deer (as ‘in the headlights’). Dreamer is also a Dressage training level lesson horse and is comfortable with a rider both on and off a lunge line. Dreamer’s insulin resistance is well managed through diet and exercise (dry lot only). She has had two episodes of lameness in her right hock that did not seem to be the result of any particular event (radiograph showed nothing remarkable). She has been and currently is quite sound! Dreamer has excellent ground manners and an alpha mare personality. She is perfect in simple lessons/riding though Dreamer may tense up or ‘brace the bit’ when asked for more demanding movements/gaits.

An experienced and confident rider would be able to overcome her resistance. Dreamer, always learning, is working on an obstacle/agility course such as walking over tarps and getting desensitized to balls. Dreamer gets greedy with treats and will nudge and sniff pockets. When you take Dreamer home, it may be best not to get her started with (low carb/sugar) treats. Dreamer is dreaming of a new forever home; have you been dreaming a little dream of her?!

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