Nixon Ready for Adoption

Loving, Full of Life, Spunky

  • Horse Name: Nixon (Nix)
  • Price: $400
  • Location: Canyon, TX
  • Breed: Miniature
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Color: Bay
  • Foal Date:


Nixon, aka Nix, is a 9yo bay mini horse from Potter County in July 2016. He arrived at the Rescue as the typical spitfire mini and quickly learned his place. He received a kick from a horse, which broke his jaw, therefore, he spent several months recuperating. He has healed very nicely, and is looking for his forever family. Nix is very loving, gentle, and full of life. He would be a great addition to any family!

Age: 9

Breed: Mini

Color: Bay

Gender: Gelding

Height: 39in.

Temperament: 1

Ground Manners: 2

Farrier/Vet: 1

Rider Experience: N/A

Riding Limitations: N/A

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