BIG and BEAUTIFUL- Sooty Palomino mare

L.A. Face with an Oakland booty!

  • Horse Name: Dumplin
  • Price: $1,000
  • Location: Krum, TX
  • Breed: Haflinger, Quarter Horse
  • Gender: Mare
  • Height: 14.2 Hands
  • Color: Palomino
  • Foal Date:
  • Markings: Blaze, soxls
  • Disciplines:
    • Brood Mare (Champion)
    • Companion Only (Trained)
    • Showmanship (Trained)
    • Beginner/Family (Trained)
    • Breeding (Trained)
  • Temperament: 4 (1=Bombproof, 10=Hot)


Two years ago, we saw this beauty at the kill lot; her feet deformed and barely able to stand due to founder. Grossly obese and miserable. We named her Dumplin because her sister we also rescued we named Apple.

Now, two years later with barefoot trims, Dumplin is healed in more ways thank you can count! She can trot and she does, often. We bred her to our main stallion and even though she is in her twenties, she took and had the most gorgeous golden filly on Christmas Eve.

Dumplin is the BEST mom - foaled with no problem, and was attentive and perfect!

We covered her to Flynne this year and there is no reason to think she won't take.

Dumplin is NOT trained for saddle, she is suitable and has served many people as an

Equine Therapist

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