Ponies for Sale

While children are often attracted to “ponies,” it is safe to say that a pony can provide a “grown up” performance in virtually all realms. Differing from horses in that they have thicker manes and tails and over-all coats, shorter legs, wider barrels, heavier bones, thicker necks and shorter heads with broader foreheads, a pony is more than just a small horseThat’s where we are right now...they are an entity all of their own. An accepted definition of pony is “a horse that measures less than 14.2 hands (58 inches) at the withers.” Typically friendly and intelligent, a pony’s disposition is often the result of how well they were trained. There are several pony breeds, and these breeds are often typically used for varying tasks. The Hackney pony, for example, is primarily used for driving while the Connemara and Australian Pony are used for riding. The Welsh pony, on the other hand, is used for both. It appears that there is no direct correlation between a horse’s size and its inherent athletic ability, and this is best exemplified by Stroller, a 14.1 hand pony who was a member of the British Equestrian show jumping team, winning a silver medal in the 1968 Summer Olympics. To find the right pony for you, check out the wide variety of ponies for sale we offer!

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