Mules for Sale

Contrary to popular belief, mules aren't as stubborn and obstinate as they are often portrayed. The offspring of a male donkey and female horse, mules are actually quite patient—as well as being sure-footed, fleet a-foot and intelligent. Requiring less fodder than a horse of equal size, mules combine all of these traits to become an excellent pack animal, especially in rough terrain. Like most beasts of burden, the need for mules petered oot after WW II due to agricultural mechanization. Some dedicated "hobby breeders" helped to preserve the line of mammoth jacks that George Washington started in the U.S. with a gift from the King of Spain and a pair of Catalan donkeys. The Amish still use them, as does the U.S Military—especially in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan. A much sought after commodity, our classified ads can help you in your quest to locate mules for sale—saving you both time and money!

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