Equine.com - Money Back Guarantee

180 day Money Back Guarantee


Equine.com connects thousands of sellers with buyers every day. That is why we have made advertising with an Equine.com ad risk free for qualified horses.

Purchase an ad that includes our 180-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you have not sold or traded your horse after 180 days, you may be eligible to obtain a refund for your Equine.com ad (see rules below) in the form of a mailed check or credit on Equine.com. Alternatively, you can choose to renew your ad ONCE for an additional 180 day term in lieu of a refund.

Refund requests must be postmarked within 14 days following the 180-Day Money Back Guarantee Date noted on your purchase receipt. Requests must be submitted via postal mail using Equine.com's refund request form found here. If you receive a refund, your ad will be removed from the site.


To be eligible for the Guarantee refund, each of the following conditions must be met:

  • The listing must be purchased on an Equine.com network website as part of a listings package that includes the 180-Day Money Back Guarantee offer.
  • The listing must have been on the Equine.com site for 180 consecutive calendar days without interruption following the ad start date.
  • The advertised horse must still be for sale as of the date the refund request is submitted and the horse must be in your possession. Listings for horses that have been sold (as the result of the listing or any other online or offline source) or traded, or for horses that are otherwise no longer available for sale, are not eligible.
  • The horse must be in sound condition.
  • The listing must have been purchased by an individual seller and not a broker. A broker is defined as anyone in the business of selling horses and/or anyone who has listed more than 9 horses for sale on the Equine.com network in the last year.
  • Only one horse per listing.
  • Only three Guarantee refunds per household per calendar year. ONE renewal only per ad.
  • The listing must satisfy all provisions of the Equine.com Terms and Conditions.

Last Updated Date: 08/22/2018