SONORA – ATFO 2024 Diamond Division


ATFO candidate in training with Kaylie Eaves of Kaylie Eaves Horsemanship LLC.*

(Registered name “Corks n Bubbles”)
2012 American Saddlebred (not gaited)
Golden Champagne mare
15 hh est.
FEE: $1500 starting bid in August


*TRAININGThis horse is part of a special training event called the Appalachian Trainer Face Off. You can learn about it on the ATFO Facebook page or website. Horses in this training event are adoptable in August, following 100+ days of training.


Here’s the latest on the gorgeous Sonora.

Her trainer, Kaylie, says Sonora is sweet, gorgeous, intelligent, and has just enough sass to keep you engaged in your horsemanship. She bonds with you once you build a relationship with her.

On the ground, she …

  • Stands to be groomed on the crossties and hard tied
  • Is working on ground tying still
  • Starting to get the hang of bathing and is great for fly spray and any kind of spray now
  • Picks up all four feet well.

On the trail, she is very careful placing her feet and has slowly started to become confident as the trail leader and is working through her fears of logs.

“Sonora is a snorty girl; if she is nervous or doesn’t understand something, she breathes like a dragon, crouches low, and has a ‘resting scared face’ often.  Two times, she has frozen and then did a buck thing (bunny hops, maybe?)—once in the beginning and the other day on the trail when she didn’t understand something. Both times this happened, she stopped, and when I sat there to let her think, she took a deep breath, licked and chewed, and continued as if nothing happened.

“She is also semi-herd-bound. I say semi because she will leave the herd, and you can work with her away from them, but if you are leading her back or are working her near her herd, she gets flustered if you aren’t taking her back to them. I learned that she is terrified of baby strollers.

“As I continue working with her and exposing her to more real-life situations, I have no doubt her quirks will fade and she will continue building confidence as she already has!”

Sonora would require someone confident, who has experience with smart, observant, sensitive horses. She is a flashy mover with great conformation and good feet. Her cautious and observant qualities would make her a great trail horse. Kaylie says. With her flashy movement and gorgeous champagne color, she would also be a standout in the show ring. Click here at #hopteamsonora to find out more about this lovely lady, her interesting past, and to follow her progress toward the ATFO competition in August.

Adoption Info:

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  • Height: 14.2 hh est
  • Registered: Yes
  • Age: 13
  • Date Foaled: 05/22/2024
  • Color: Other
  • Discipline: All Around
  • Gender: Mare
  • Is this a rescue?: Yes
  • Rescue's Name: Heart of Phoenix