Molasses – ATFO Horse in Training


Molasses – ATFO

10 Year old

Welsh x Arabian Cross


14 hh estimate

Adoption Fee:  $1500 starting bid in August

Sweet Molasses is a little horse with a BIG heart! She is part of a special training event called the Appalachian Trainer Face Off.  You can learn about it on Facebook and on our website.  Horses in this training event are adoptable following 100+ days of training in August.

Molasses is a 10 year old Welsh x Arabian Cross that was rescued by Heart of Phoenix .

She is competing in the Outlaw Division by the amazing Jake Gelinas from Gainesville, Texas.  The Outlaw Division are for considered trouble or feral.  These horses will require additional training, as a rule when adopted in August.

Molasses and Jake are focusing on building a solid foundation. Focusing that ground work to be nothing but a thing. They’re working on transitions, changes of directions, and liberty, all with relaxation. She is gaining confidence everyday. Jake is not looking to go to the next step, until those fundamentals are super solid. Jake is setting her up for the rest of her life, not just for a competition.

One of the biggest challenges with Molasses has been bolting. She came to Jake with a history of bolting, which stemmed from fear. What they’re really working through is her fear and lack of trust. Molasses gaining trust, relaxation, and confidence will all help resolve this. They haven’t had any bolting issues in weeks, but he would be naive to say that habits out of her. He knows with more confidence and trust she can overcome it.
Jake knows it sounds redundant at times, but with a horse with her baggage, it takes time. But, I’m so happy to see Molasses personality shine through. She is getting more confident and accepting with touch, she nickers everyday for her grain, and instead of hiding at the end of her run, she chills in the barn with her buddies. She is such a sweet girl and is trying everyday!  Overall Molasses is making leaps and bounds with her training under Jake’s study and patient hand.  Molasses is really trying every day.  Molasses is for an advanced rider with trainer oversight.

We are looking to adopt to safe homes.

A history of good horsemanship, the ability to provide sufficient care with good vet, farrier and peer references are important.  If you are a first time horse owner, we will require you to board at a facility for the first year while you learn more about care.  We encourage everyone to take advantage of riding lessons.

Our adoption process makes sure you get the right horse for you – it is a no fail process for fiding the right match.  Apply at https://wvhorserescue.org/adopt

  • Height: 14
  • Registered: No
  • Age: 10
  • Date Foaled: 01/01/2014
  • Color: Bay
  • Discipline: All Around
  • Gender: Mare
  • Is this a rescue?: No
  • Rescue's Name: Heart of Phoenix
West Virginia