Hopkins – ATFO 2024 Diamond Division


Hopkins “Starlet’s Heartthrob” 

2024 ATFO Diamond Division

10 years old 

Reg. Saddlebred  

Amber Champagne 



FEE: TBD by Trainer


Hopkins is a quick learner! We don’t believe him to have had any “bad days” despite his previous living situation. He is very kind and does well in a mixed herd. He is reasonably easy to catch and is good with being stalled. He wears tack well and has never offered any resistance to the tack. Hopkins follows body language and pressure very well. He will pick up all 4 feet and is learning to be tied. His trainer plans to begin riding soon and doesn’t anticipate any problems with this new transition.

Here is what his trainer had to say about some of her favorite things about Hopkins so far: 

“My favorite things about him are that he is a quick learner , willing to figure out the task at hand and retains information very well. He has such a quite bold personality, he has a beautiful presence

He is easy to catch/halter, stands well while tied, willing to except, follow and move away from pressure on the ground. Undersaddle Hopkins has exceptional steering for a horse with less than 10 rides! He has a good grasp on verbal cues and is starting to understand leg cues. Hopkins has exhibited great learning skills, a loving and forgiving attitude, he is kind, thoughtful and fairly slow moving and reserved (not reactive).”

So far Hopkins has learned:

  • To tolerate being sprayed with Fly Spray
  • Tying
  • Standing in the cross tie bay
  • Hosing with water
  • Walking through water
  • Clippers
  • Loading onto a trailer
  • Hanging out at a busy horse show
  • Pasture time with different horses

Overall, Hopkins is a very sweet gelding could go in any direction! 


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  • Height: 14.3
  • Registered: Yes
  • Date Foaled: 07/01/2014
  • Color: Other
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Is this a rescue?: Yes
  • Rescue's Name: Heart of Phoenix
West Virginia