Henkie Fan Der Klaster

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Tall, Single Black Gentleman looking for the right partner
Enjoys taking long hikes on trails through the mountains, dancing in the arena and spending time with friends in the field.
Kind and polite and looking for his forever love.
Henkie Fan Der Klaster
This graceful 16.0 hand 2010 Registered and Imported Friesian gelding is about to be your dream come true. Henkie fan Der Klaster, “Hank” as he is lovingly nickrnamed, is offered for sale only due to a death in the family and change of circumstances.
No one can ever take their eyes of this beautiful Fresian and no one would let him go by choice.
We cannot express enough,how rare this opportunity is.
Imported as a young horse, for his amazing confirmation and ability, he is registered with the Dutch Fresian registry, Frisch Paarden- Stamboek(FSP). The FSP is more highly regulated than the United States based riegisteies. Most Friesian horses registered with FSP are graded at least twice in their lives and only a small number of stallions are approved for breeding( info courtesy of Endymion Farms).
“Hank” can do it all.
Accomplished in Dressage, but also very well rounded, he is double trained in riding and driving. He shines at the carriage..

He was part of a Fresian driving team that drove a carriage from California to Florida to demonstrate the hardiness of the breed. He has covered mountainous trails and roads from Georgia to Colorado like the true professional he is.

We are aware he has been schooled to at least second level dressage, ( most likely higher),as his level is more than the owners.Hank can also neck rein for a smooth Western ride and hitting the he loves to go for a stroll on the trails and hack in the woods all around the property.
He’s a lifetime companion with all of the buttons. A lot of his talent will be be discovered by you, as his training surpassed his owner’s. He has undergone, meticulous instruction, honing his skills to perfection. he executes precise movements, displaying his grace in every stride. His canter is a dream to ride, with lots of power for a sit and push.
He is a prospect for his new owner and a true joy to work with in every regard . He is  extremely sweet, well mannered and people oriented .
This galant steed is not only stunning to the eye but also the supervisor of the whole property. While overseeing, from above, Henkie naturally strikes a pose all throughout the pasture. Handsome is an understatement with him.
Henkie fan Der Klaster is a true gentleman for anyone handling him.
He baths, clips trailers, hard ties, or cross ties, and stands wonderfully for the Ferrier.
Opportunity for one in 1 million Fresian. If you are looking for a competitive mount with exceptional training and looks for days, Hank’s your man.
An all time barn favorite who is beautiful, talented, and super attentive.
He is a “drive off the showroom floor” kind of horse with an incredible amount of experience and a kind heart.
He travels like a dream he is happiest with tons of pasture time, and friends around him. He knows how to get respect from the herd in a subtle way and is very gentle with our young and smaller horses.
He is handled everyday, up to date on everything and has always received the treatments a sport horse deserves.
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  • Height: 16
  • Weight: 1250
  • Registered: Yes
  • Registration Association: FPS
  • Date Foaled: 04/01/2010
  • Color: Black
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Is this a rescue?: No