“Daisy” is a 12 year old Pony of America mare standing about 13.3 hands. She came to our facility in October of 2023. While she was widely popular on the community lives, everyone wanted her to ride / breed / play with because of her brilliant color and cute face. We have had her evaluated by a veterinarian and they have recommended NONE of those activities for her.

“Daisy” is to be a maintenance beautiful pasture companion only.

Both knees were radiographed and found to have severe arthritis with significant spurs and remodeling of the structures. It was recommended that Daisy receive joint injections at this time to make her comfortable. Both knees have also been ultrasound and found to have thickening of the ligaments. It was upon this evaluation that it does appear she has had them in the past, an owner tried to make her sound. How she ended up with us, we do not know.

“Daisy” needs to be maintained on flat surfaces only and no hilly grounds. She is otherwise an easy keeper, great to handle and good with kids! She is medium of the herd and does try to keep up with the rest of the herd members.

“Daisy” has an adoption fee of $650 at this time and will go with a no-breeding specification for her. She will have current vaccinations, hooves trimmed, microchipped, dewormed, and teeth floated.

  • Height: 13.3
  • Registered: No
  • Age: 12
  • Date Foaled: 05/10/2012
  • Color: Brown
  • Is this a rescue?: Yes
  • Rescue's Name: NY Last Chance Horse Bail-out Relief & Rescue, Inc
4179 South Nine Mile Road,14706,New York