CARHARTT – ATFO 2024 Platinum Division


ATFO candidate in training with Lyn Sullivan of Sullivan Quarter Horses.*

2019 American Paint Horse
Tri-color Paint/Pinto gelding
14.3 hh estimated
FEE: $1500 starting bid in August


*TRAININGThis horse is part of a special training event called the Appalachian Trainer Face Off. You can learn about it on the ATFO Facebook page or website. Horses in this training event are adoptable in August, following 100+ days of training.


Yowza! Take a look at this handsome guy! Carhartt has come a long way since the beginning of his ATFO training. His trainer, Lyn, says he’s not spooky of things, but he can be of people. He needs a soft but firm leader, a confident rider—someone knowledgeable and who knows equine body language.


On the ground, he…

  • Stands tied and ground ties
  • Stands well for the farrier, bathing and fly spray
  • Leads and loads well from the trailer
  • Crosses bridges
  • Will walk through the “noodles of death”
  • Takes a bit and bridle
  • Saddles well (even with a rear cinch!)
  • Ground drives

His trainer, Lyn, has started working with him under saddle and is very pleased with his consistent progress. She says this boy is the whole package with a great mind and beauty to match. With an effective, adept rider, Lyn says once this guy trusts you, he will do just about anything for you. “Take it one step at a time and I think this boy will follow you forever.” What more can you ask for? Follow his progress on #hopteamcarhartt!

Adoption Info:

Adoption fees may be outdated, as a horse may have moved into training, so check with us on most current fee. Horses adopted are typically up to date on vaccines, dental floats, farrier care and all vet needs.

Horses are typically located in the Appalachian area, but please inquire about a horse’s specific location when you apply!

We are looking to adopt to safe homes.

A history of good horsemanship, the ability to provide sufficient care with good vet, farrier and peer references are important. If you are a first-time horse owner, we will require you to board at a facility for the first year while you learn more about care. We encourage everyone to take advantage of riding lessons.

Foal adoptions require previous, established experience with youngsters.

Our adoption process makes sure you get the right horse for you – it is a no-fail process for finding the right match.

Apply at https://www.wvhorserescue.org/adopt

  • Height: 14.3 hh estimated
  • Registered: No
  • Age: 5
  • Date Foaled: 01/01/2019
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Discipline: All Around
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Is this a rescue?: Yes
  • Rescue's Name: Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC