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The Quarter Horse is truly an American Breed. As early as the 1600's the colonists on the eastern seaboard began breeding thoroughbreds from England with horses on the North American continent, such as the Chickasaw horse, which were descendants of the horses brought over by the Spanish Conquistadors. Bred for great bursts of speed at short distances (a quarter mile!), they have been clocked up to 55 mph. Today, people who purchase the Quarter Horses for sale in our classified ads use them for any task that needs a horse that maneuvers well. Their innate "cow sense" makes them an excellent mount for working cattle.

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$15,000 Sorrel Paint (Solid) in Howell, MI
$75,000 Palomino Quarter Horse in Howell, MI
$45,000 Black Quarter Horse in Howell, MI


Howell, MI

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